“I dread turning on the TV”

I dread turning on the TV.  My sexism count for the day (a running tally of every overtly-sexist event, comment, image etc.) beeps erratically as soon as I see most advertising. 

Advertising – from the fact that all cleaning adverts have women actors, (unless its men dressed as women, or the aim is to show cleaning is so easy that even a man can do it) through to KitKat’s lovely Christmas billboard “Goodwill to all Women – 165 Calories” –  places ‘women’ into a certain box.  A box of chocolate and cleaning.  One where we are reduced to being mindless recipients of gendered products that we can’t possibly live without.

Because we really do need shoes, air-freshener in five scents and to have perfectly shaved legs  in order to be attractive to men, to marry, have 2.4 children and then live in a very clean house that we spend our days cleaning.  Just as much as all men need to have a clean shaved face and to be fantastic at barbeques.

Realistically, advertising merely represents and highlights quite warped perceptions of gender.  It is misguided because it suggests all women are the same, and to be a successful woman we need to buy into a certain lifestyle. 

 I don’t want to buy into that lifestyle.  I’m still a woman, even if I have hairy legs and a dirty house.  Or, as expressed more eloquently by the subvertising text on KitKat’s Billboard, “Sexist Nonsense – Give Women A Real Break”.

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