“coming out as a feminist”

Trigger Warning: mention of rape


Coming out as a Lesbian was so much easier than coming out as a feminist. In today’s society you think that being a lesbian is harder than being a woman. To be honest you would be quite surprised at how often I am treated differently not because I am a homosexual but because I am a woman. When I came out everyone was fine. However when I came out that I believed in gender equality, it was questioned. I am berated, belittled and constantly fought against because believing in gender equality is apparently a choice, where being a Lesbian isn’t. Now as much as I appreciate the recognition for my sexuality to not be a choice , I can not fathom the idea that my belief in gender equality was a choice, I did not choose to be sexually harassed, or sexually objectified, I did not choose to watch my family and friends be beaten or belittled or torn down because of their gender. I did not choose for my mother or sister to be raped, my choices in life would be ultimately for these things to not happen, my choice would be for feminism not to have to exist because we have already had gender equality. So please do not tell them Feminism is a choice. When sexism is rife and evident in my everyday life. Do not tear me down when I turn around and call it out, all I am doing is protecting my sisters and brothers. Like my sexuality, being a woman was not a choice and neither are my beliefs, If perpetrators choose to commit the crimes against gender as they do then there giving me no choice but to fight back . So once again I come out as a ‘hairy, butch, Lesbian, Feminist’ and I am proud of it.

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