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Please find below some links, reading lists and resources that can be used if you want to find out more about the issues Womens face. If you have any links to good sites that you would like to be added here please let us know.



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The Guerrilla Girls are feminist masked avengers –

Feminist blog –

Feminist Tumblr -

Street Harassment blog –

Progressive feminist blog-

This is what a feminist looks like phototblog –

feminist blog focussed on weight issues –

This is what a clitoris looks like –

Intersectional feminist blog –



Bhasin, K., & Said Khan, N., Some Questions on Feminism and its Relevance in South Asia (New Delhi: Kali For Women, 2002)




Academic Reading

Menon, Nivedita. Recovering Subversion: Feminist Politics Beyond the Law. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2004.

Butler, Judith. Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. London, Routledge, 1990

Cornwall, Andrea, and Maxine Molyneux (eds.). The Politics of Rights: Dilemmas for Feminist Praxis. London: Routledge, 2008.

Sunder Rajan, Rajeswari, ed. Signposts: Gender Issues in Post-Independence India. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 2001.

Starr Sered, S., ‘‘Woman’ as Symbol and Women as Agents: Gendered Religious Discourses and Practices’, in Ferree, M.M., Lorber, J. & Hess, B.B., Revisioning Gender (London: Sage Publications, 1999)

Brah, Avtar and Ann Phoenix. “Ain’t I a Woman? Revisiting Intersectionality.” Journal of International Women’s Studies. 5 (2004)

Mohanty, Chandra Talpade, Ann Russo and Lourdes Torres (eds.). Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991.Academic Reading





Sexist advertising video


“”Feminism has fought no wars. It has killed no opponents. It has set up no concentration camps, starved no enemies, practiced no cruelties. Its battles have been for education, the vote, for better working conditions.. for safety on the streets, child care, social welfare…for rape crisis centres, women’s refuges, reforms in the law. If someone says ‘Oh, I’m not a feminist,’ I ask ‘Why? What’s your problem?’”

“You have to make more noise than anybody else, you have to make yourself more obtrusive than anybody else, you have to fill all the papers more than anybody else, in fact you have to be there all the time and see that they do not snow you under, if you are really going to get your reform realized.” (Emmeline Pankhurst)

“A woman is like a teabag, it’s only when she’s in hot water that you realise how strong she is” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

“Feminism: the radical notion that women are people.” (Cheris Kramere)

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed.  If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.”  They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.”  ~Clare Boothe Luce

“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is:  I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a door mat or a prostitute.”  ~Rebecca West, “Mr Chesterton in Hysterics: A Study in Prejudice,” The Clarion, 14 Nov 1913, reprinted inThe Young Rebecca, 1982

“The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl.”  ~Shirley Chisholm

“Women belong in the house… and the Senate”.  ~Author Unknown

“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels”.  ~Faith Whittlesey

“I wish someone would have told me that, just because I’m a girl, I don’t have to get married”.  ~Marlo Thomas

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.  You just take it.”  ~Roseanne Barr

“Man endures pain as an undeserved punishment; woman accepts it as a natural heritage.”  ~Author Unknown

“I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament.”  ~Alanis Morissette, quoted in Reader’s Digest, March 2000

“You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.”  ~Jane Galvin Lewis

“History is herstory too.”  ~Author Unknown

“Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths.”  ~Lois Wyse

“One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.”  ~Marlo Thomas

“There are very few jobs that actually require a penis or vagina.  All other jobs should be open to everybody.”  ~Florynce Kennedy

Advertisers in general bear a large part of the responsibility for the deep feelings of inadequacy that drive women to psychiatrists, pills, or the bottle.  ~Marya Mannes, But Will It Sell?, 1964

“Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man.”  ~Margaret Mead

“Men weren’t really the enemy – they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill.”  ~Betty Friedan

“Scratch most feminists and underneath there is a woman who longs to be a sex object.  The difference is that is not all she wants to be.”  ~Betty Rollin

“Easy is an adjective used to describe a woman who has the sexual morals of a man.”  ~Nancy Linn-Desmond

“I’m just a person trapped inside a woman’s body.”  ~Elaine Boosler

“Because women’s work is never done and is underpaid or unpaid or boring or repetitious and we’re the first to get fired and what we look like is more important than what we do and if we get raped it’s our fault and if we get beaten we must have provoked it and if we raise our voices we’re nagging bitches and if we enjoy sex we’re nymphos and if we don’t we’re frigid and if we love women it’s because we can’t get a “real” man and if we ask our doctor too many questions we’re neurotic and/or pushy and if we expect childcare we’re selfish and if we stand up for our rights we’re aggressive and “unfeminine” and if we don’t we’re typical weak females and if we want to get married we’re out to trap a man and if we don’t we’re unnatural and because we still can’t get an adequate safe contraceptive but men can walk on the moon and if we can’t cope or don’t want a pregnancy we’re made to feel guilty about abortion and…for lots of other reasons we are part of the women’s liberation movement.”  ~- Joyce Stevens, International Woman’s Day, 1975.

“One does not have to sleep with, or even touch, someone who has paid for your meal.  All those obligations are hereby rendered null and void, and any man who doesn’t think so needs a quick jab in the kidney.”  ~Cynthia Heimel, Sex Tips for Girls, 1983


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