“Schizo Knock-Back”

Even before my GCSE’s I had symptoms of schizophrenia, which obviously had huge impact on my studies due to lack of memory and concentration, I was told I should go to college after as it was unlikely that I would pass and go on to do A-Levels, but I did pass, I even got a handfull of A*’s and A’s in GCSE’s, and I went on to do A-Levels at a very good sixth form, there I was struggling, but I wanted to go on to study Law at university, and was told that it would be very hard for me and that it was too competitive, but I applied anyway and got the grades, and am know in my final year at university studying law. I have been in the passed sectioned in a mental- hospital, it seemed in the time that I would not be able to move forward due to my symptoms, but the staff were very helpfull and friendly due to their help of eventually finding very good medication for me, given me counselling and psychological treatment, I made a very good recovery, I am now discharged but still on medication, and the symptoms seem to have dissappeared, and leading an independant life. At one time I took driving lessons, but seemed that I would never be able to pass, but did not give up and now have a full driving license. The fact that someone has a serious mental – disorder, does not mean that they will not be able to do the things they want. If someone has a mental disorder, if they are patient take the help their given, be motivated and never give up, they can lead a normal and successfull life.

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