“My ‘journey’ on antidepressants”

My ‘journey’ on antidepressants started when I had a mental breakdown in June 2012. Not only was I depressed, but I developed an obsession with working out, which eventually took its toll. I was not eating enough calories for the amount I was working out, and soon after developed bulimia. This is when I was prescribed cirpralex. I had a horrible experience on cirpralex. It not for one moment made me feel better. I was constantly zoned out and had no emotions. I planned a birthday trip to a bigger city and couldn’t even leave my friends house because I couldn’t handle the busy atmosphere. I forced myself to go out one day and in a matter of seconds I became paranoid and my vision was blurry. When I began hallucinating I knew it was time to change it up. I reported these side effects to my NP, and she said the y were possible side effects. After I tapered off cirpralex I began to take effexor, which still left me in a fog and detached from reality. The worst was the vivid dreams I developed. Luckily, I did not have many nightmares, but these dreams were so real that I would be left restless in the morning. I had a few other side effects from effexor, but nothing that at the point I was surprised about. I decided to taper off effexor and onto zoloft. I didn’t even let zoloft kick in before I decided to stop completely. I tapered off it pretty much as soon as I started it (of course, with the approval of my GP). This was in a span of 6 months, which I was in my second year of college and thankfully completed. My experience was really life changing, and I still have side effects from these antidepressants. I still have vivid dreams, and I’m in a complete fog. I just finished my exams, and have been laying in bed for almost a week now! I’m debating on going back on them, and hopefully finding the one that is right for me. It is very discouraging knowing what the ones I’ve tried put me through, but you have to stay positive and keep moving forward. People say that is it all in the head, but depression, anxiety, etc. is a very serious mental illness! Now that I have gotten over my bulimia and obsession, I know that my eating disorder was not the only cause because I still feel completely in my own world! I hope like many other stories I have had the privilege of reading, someone is able to read mine, relate and not feel alone!

To read more about people experiences on antidepressants have a look here: http://www.liberateyourself.co.uk/mental-health/experiences-of-antidepressants/

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