“I felt terrible”

Well I 1st had antidepressants 6 month after my son was born. I have to say was the worst time in my life, I felt so alone like a freak. I felt like nobody understood me and my head was on fire. I went to the doctors 2 times and he gave me antidepressants and I didn’t take them all because of the bad sigma they have with them, all the while I was just getting worse to the point were I was no longer able to look after my son and he went to stay with my in-laws and I begun the process of taking the tablets and I’ve got to admit I felt terrible a lot worse then I did to start with but I carried on, I had too I had my beautiful baby to get better for and after 6 months I got there and I stopped taking the tablets. So 6 years later I found a lump in my boob and didn’t tell anybody for 4 months and it brought it all back again I started having panic attacks and feeling scared and short tempered and not in control of my feelings.. I don’t no why I didn’t just tell family and friends because I have good support. So off I went back to the docs an I’m on some new tablets now and I got the all clear for cancer. I’ve been in my new tablets 9 weeks now and was feeling good up until last week when I missed a few tablets and now I feel like I’m back to square 1.. Silly women.. Reading these posts make feel feel some what better.


**note from editor, we don’t think your a silly woman at all!

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