“How to be a good friend to crazyfolk”

**This is a fabulous piece that had forwarded to me from a friend. I have been in contact with the author and in order to try and get as much coverage as possible I have posted the first part of it here. At the end of the intro I have linked through to the original blog so that you can read the whole piece and have a gander around the rest of their website which has other pieces about disability and mental health, so show them some love!**


I’m crazy. And I’m okay with that. I’m learning how to live as a crazy person, how to take care of myself, and I’m learning what I want and need in various friendships and relationships. There are so many aspects of my craziness that I need to share (and some I’d rather keep to myself), and it’s important for us – crazyfolk, and our allies and pals and potential friends – to have meaningful discussions, to have compassion and understanding, and to be open to all these things and more. I also think that those of us with mental health conditions need to seek out one another, befriend one another, get together and strategize/organize. How do we take care of ourselves? How do we take care of one another? Are there times when we need to admit that we are not always capable of those things?

Support is a really big word. And it’s different for all of us. I’m writing as someone who has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and chronic pain, among other things, and I’m writing as someone who grew up in and continues to live in poverty. I’m also writing as a queer, an introvert, and someone whose life has been consistently inconsistent. So that’s where I’m coming from, that’s part of my history. What I’ve written isn’t going to be true for everyone, but it’s what I know for myself, and I hope it will help you navigate your own conditions and boundaries, and those of your friends as well. I hope it will open discussions and I hope it will inspire you.

I’m going to begin with ideas on how to support us while we are in the hospital, and then move on to how to support us in our daily lives. And then I’ll provide some self-care tips for crazyfolk as well.


Here is the rest of the article: http://marandaelizabeth.com/2012/11/03/how-to-be-a-good-friend-to-crazyfolk/

you can also check out the zine this article is printed in:


and the book it is included in as well (https://www.etsy.com/listing/117038142/telegram-a-collection-of-27-issues-book)

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