Get Involved

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read on the Liberate Yourself website and want to get involved in the Mental Health  Campaign please get in contact with:

Hannah Paterson -Welfare Officer:


Sam O’Connor – Disabled Students Officer, (Womens Place)


Maggie Suissa – Disabeld Students Officer, (Open Place)


Mental Wealth Matters Society –


Last Years Campaigns

So far this year we have done some great things below are some of our successes:



Current Campaigns

This year we are hoping to make lots of positive changes for those experiencing Mental Health problems. See below for some of the exciting things we will be changing:

If you’ve been affected by any issues relating to your mental health whilst at The University of Manchester your Union Representatives can work to help improve the situation. If you have any questions, issues or just want a chat please feel free to get in contact with them:

Advice Centre –

Hannah Paterson, Welfare Officer –

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