“there are people around you to help”

It seems that life dealt a hand to me from the start, multiple family deaths including my dads, confusion over my sexuality and mental health issues from childhood have haunted me and since coming to university, I have had depression added to that cocktail. Sometimes it gets really hard to face life, but you have to remember to accept what you have and use it to your advantage. I talk and joke about death, I have joined my universities LGBT society and I am getting to grips with my mental health. It isn’t easy at all and I am no where near getting over the dark times of my life, but learning to channel these issues has helped cope with it, and knowing that there are people around you to help is a morale boost. If you are reading this, then either you are going through a really dark time, know someone who is, or are coming through it yourself. But knowing that there are people out there has helped me, and talking about it works, just know you are not alone, and no matter how tough things get, there will always be people there to support you.

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