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If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read on the Liberate Yourself website and want to get involved in the LGBTQ Campaign please get in contact with:


Amy Taylor – LGBTQ, (Womens Place) –


Last Years Campaigns

So far this year we have done some great things below are some of our successes:

Breaking Barriers- A joint event with the Afro-Carribean Society in which people could debate and discuss issues surrounding sexuality, race and religion. This event was shortlisted for the NUS LGBT Campaign Awards.
Awareness Week- A week-long series of workshops, debates and campaigning around a number of issues; everything from polyamory to mental health issues in the LGBTQ community, culminating in a quiz night designed to dispel common myths around sexuality and gender.

LGBTQuestion Time- LGBTQ students and friends had the opportunity to question a panel representing the three main political parties and UMSU’s anti-cuts campaigners, to find out their positions on LGBTQ issues in current politics.


Current Campaigns

Over the coming year the LGBTQ campaign is hoping to work more closely with the other liberation groups campaigning on common issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault with the womens campaign, and around mental health issues in the LGBTQ community with the Disabled campaign.

We are re-starting the LGBTQ Welfare and Campaigns Collective so that we can become a more vocal presence in UMSU. We will also be involved with the anti-cuts movement on campus and in any anti-fascist action that takes place, for example, countering the EDL at demonstrations.

We will be running Awareness Week again in February (LGBT History Month) and hope to repeat some of the successful events from last years campaign, such as Breaking Barriers, which will be extendedto involve other BME groups.



If you’ve been affected by any issues relating to being LGBTQ or you want to chat to someone about your sexuality or your gender identity whilst at The University of Manchester your Union Representatives or the LGBTQ society can work to help improve the situation. If you have any questions, issues or just want a chat please feel free to get in contact with them:

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