“Beauty, I was always told, is only skin deep”

Beauty, I was always told, is only skin deep, and one should never judge a book by its cover. I thought this was pretty obvious, especially since I see the amazing qualities my sister has everyday.
My sister Chloe was born March 6, 1996, three months before her due date. Since then she has trouble breathing and developed many more disabilities causing her to sound different then most people and wear a trache around her neck. With all this she is still able and even desires to jump, dance, and especially sing. She draws a lot of attention to herself, not always on purpose.
People tend to stare at her, a lot. Maybe it’s because they do not expect a little girl with a weird voice and “necklace” to be so happy and energetic. Or maybe they see something inside her that sparks hope and optimism inside them. Or maybe they do not see passed the cover of the book and prejudge her to be weird and someone that should not be spoken to. Or they are just scared. Either way, if anyone were to go up and speak to her they would automatically fall in love and gain amazing qualities.
Chloe gives me so much that no one else could. She teaches me lessons that I would never learn in any classroom. But most of all she loves me. The love my sister gives me is special and only those that know Chloe, actually know her, can feel this love too.

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