Friends, Family & Allies

On this website you’ll find individuals’ personal experiences of Mental Health and being LGBTQ, Disabled, Black or a Woman. Yet the experiences and ultimately support of friends and family are indispensible in fighting prejudice.
We know that friends and family may also experience stigma: from experiencing homophobia because their best friend is gay to being teased for having a disabled sibling or even overcoming their own prejudices and assumption around mental health problems. Friends and families also play a large role in supporting individuals who may suffer oppression, whether it’s a daughter with Schizophrenia, a mother who was sexually assaulted or understanding a sister is now their brother. This space on the website holds information for those who do not identify into one of the liberation campaigns, but wish to support them or to share their own experiences of being the friends, allies or relatives of those who are fighting for liberation.

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