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I’ve decided to start publishing all the nice things that people send me about the website because this website isn’t about one person its about all the people who write for it, contribute and answer questions. So you deserve to hear them all aswell. If you want to say something nice about the website (it really is appreciated!) please feel free to email (hannah.paterson@nus.org.uk) or submit it through the website


On a personal note, thanks for liberateyourself. I don’t define myself with a disability, but in much the same way as last year I started to “get” feminism and the women’s movement, this year I’ve noticed myself understanding disabled people’s oppression and liberation and the first few steps were with the website (particularly the spoons theory).


Just sent someone the link to liberate yourself… think they have finally found what they needed to keep them going and find some strength, so thank you so much  x


This website is incredible and I feel like its often saved me

I want to say thank you to the two women who commented on my submission “Why I didn’t and won’t report my rape”. You don’t know me, but that didn’t stop you sending messages of solidarity and love. I did read them. They did help. Thank you. – (these comments were made on facebook. You can follow liberateyourself on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/liberateyourself)

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