“the last stigmas”

As someone with several hidden disabilities (dyspraxia with autistic traits and M.E. among them) it’s been really enjoyable noticing how much more accustomed people are now to me being a bit different. I dress differently because it’s easier for me to deal with certain fabrics, and because it’s better to feel a bit different than like a poor specimen of the regular homo sapiens. One of the things I do differently is to wear sunglasses a lot of the time – I’m photosensitive, and harsh light is difficult for me. I was training tonight at my regular martial arts club, it was the end of a long day of linear algebra and report writing and I was sporting a pair of aviator sunglasses. Five separate people commented – one of them laughing out loud, others obviously amused or mocking, “how droll, a douchebag with his sunglasses on indoors” and I found it difficult to explain how I needed my glasses as much as some of them need their reading glasses because they were so convinced they were in the right. Every disabled person I’ve shared stories with has been mocked at some point in their life, myself included and I wanted to make a request. Next time you see someone with a high collar in summer, or sunglasses, or any of the dozens of things that people like me wear to make our weirdness’ a little easier to deal with take a moment before you mock them for it because you’d probably do the same thing in their proverbial shoes.

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