“Being told I was going blind was like having my heart ripped out”

I have diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. The blood vessels in my eyes had become decreasingly weak, making them bleed in the back of my eye. I’ve lost all vision in my right eye, and a lot of my visual awareness. I spend a lot of time bumping into things on my right hand side. Due to the problems I have lost 75% of my vision in both eyes.

Being told I was going blind was like having my heart ripped out and my whole world falling in on me. The thought of never acting on stage again, not being able to drive, to see my family and friends, the love of my life and kids in the future destroyed me. But with help from the hospital, my family and friends I have been able to stabilize my condition. I am still able to see 5 years down the line just as well, I have my confidence back and am being successful in a different career path. Soon enough I feel my confidence will be back to get back on stage. It takes time, lots of hard work and much support but every second is worth it to get you back to who you really are.

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