“I was informed that I do not qualify as Black”

I was recently informed by an African lady I do not qualify as Black. The first time I got in touch with a Trans* organisation I had to write a little speech before just in case they questioned my right to be there. I was anxious they wouldn’t consider Gender fluid folk/queers as part of the Trans* family. The same first time I attended a Pagan meet up. And disability? Oh, let’s not go there! Sometimes it’s like competing to see who’s got the worst conditions! It seems as though I am in constant need to explain my very existence and identity to be accepted. What if no one wants me, though?

If I am not Black, am I White? Politically, that is. What do I qualify as… whites don’t want me…blacks don’t want me… I am a mestiza who’d rather reivindicate my indigenous blood than the european I may have not just because of the great upbringing I had by a father who taught me the inmense pride I ought to feel of our indigenous ancestors and culture, but also out of respect for the victims of the American holocaust, the genocide no one speaks of. The suffering of the peoples of the American Continent that don’t exist. Over 500 years and my people are still impoverished, rejected, marginalised and racially abused and ethnically cleansed. Our lands are being still stolen and given to the imperialists, our cultures are still belittled and misunderstood here and there. Colonialism is still deep in our roots and education. We have never shouted loud enough but when we have no one has listened. Our slavery and decimation is not as important as others. And now I don’t even have the right to participate politically and join my sisters and brothers of all races who have been subjected to this. I am black. We exist and have much to say and a rich culture to defend and share. Black is the political colour of opression. We are all opressed. Let’s all be liberated.

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