Because… all Black people are n*****s and if we’re not we’re p***s or half-castes or mongrels excluded from school as children and under-marked in college as students then unemployed as graduates although everyone knows that if we do have a job it’s to fill quotas and if we don’t we’re state scroungers and because we’re the first to sacked and the last to be promoted and because we’re under-represented in parliament and over-represented in prisons and psychiatric wards and if we complain we’re militants, playing the race card and if we don’t it’s our slave mentality and when we demand equality we really mean special treatment and if wear traditional clothes or have beards we’re backward or if we wear a headscarf we’re oppressed and if we wear hoodies we’re a threat and if we don’t we’re trying to be white and if we inter-racially marry we’re muddying the genes and if we don’t it’s because we’ve been forced by our families and if our freinds are black we’re self segregating and if they’re not we’re self-hating and if we’re housed near other minorities it’s a ghetto or little India and if we’re not we’re spoliling the character or taking over, and if we’re attacked it must be an ethnic problem or community tension caused by us for just being there and if we’re not, we must be doing the attacking because we’re over-policed as citizens but under-policed as victims and because we’re all muggers, drug dealers, addicts or terrorists anyway and becasue we should all go back to where we came from even if we’ve never been there and take our mulitculuralism with us but leave out food and music and …. for lots and lots of other reasons… we are a part of the NUS Black students Campaign.


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