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What is the correct term?

In activist circles, the term "black" is often used as a political term to refer to those who do not claim a Eurocentric ethnic identity. As a result, the "black" political movement encompasses a variety of ethnic and visual differences.

In everyday use though, the term "black" commonly refers to individuals with varying degrees of African and Caribbean heritage. It is generally acceptable to refer to dominantly African and Caribbean phenotypical people as "black", and those of mixed heritage as "mixed race".

However, it is common for individuals to choose their own labels. For example, a person of mixed heritage may use the label "black" or "African". People of African or Caribbean descent born in the UK may prefer to be identified as "Black British", "Black Caribbean", "Eritrean", "Ghanaian", "Trinidadian" or simply "British". Similarly, those of East or South Asian descent may have similar perspectives, and may wish to be identified as "Asian", "British Asian", "Pakistani", or otherwise.

It is important to recognise however, that visual ethnicity is given far more attention than nationality, and some may prefer if you considered their ethnicity to be of lesser importance. If unsure, just ask!

Asked on 13th January 2012 in Black


We're not really sure what this question means! If you would like to expand on it or ask something else please do!

Asked on 11th January 2012 in Black

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